Racing League is based on Wipeout, one of my favorite video game seriesA futuristic racing game, Wipeout caught my eye with the graphic design of the logos, advertisements, and vehicles of each racing team. The distinctive color palettes and branding of each team were done in a minimalist, Japanese-inspired style that added to the design–based realism of these futuristic technology brands. 

For Racing League, I wanted to create eight branding designs for my own group of racing teams based on Wipeout's tone and aesthetic with unique names, colors, and slogans. The final step of this project will be to 3D model eight unique racing vehicles and give them a team-colored livery.


Coming soon: eight unique 3D-modeled ships, each in its team colors.

Retrocom Propulsion Labs — Blast from the past

Codeca Aerodynamic Advancements — Come out of your shell

Zephyr Heavy Industries — Take the world by storm

Dimsektor Aerospace Technologies — Bright future ahead

ECHNI Experimental Development — Take on the unknown

gale.force Research and Development — Adapt. Enhance. Overtake

Cove Dynamic Systems — Think fast

Praetoriax Fabrication Labs — Omnia vincit cursu