For this project, we had to turn a 5-foot by 10-inch board into four separate pieces and combine them together into a footstool. The pieces could only be comprised of 90˚ angles, and the stool could only have 90˚ relations. Part of the challenge was working within these shape restraints and using the spaces created between the four elements to create visual interest.



This project was an exploration on the interaction between extremely different forms. Using plastic shaped by a vacuum, we had to create a rounded vessel that would be filled with sand and display and airplant and a rock and stick of our choosing. We had to pay close attention to how every element related to each other.



This project was focused on semantics of form, the visual language that informs a user on the function of an object from the moment they pick it up. The assignment was to create two primitive hand tools — a hand axe and one of our own choosing — that shared similar aesthetic qualities. In their construction, we had to consider how the aspects of the form would impact how the tools would be held and used.